Subtitles for Those Who Can’t S02E02 – Foreskin in the Game

Season 02, Episode 02 – “Foreskin in the Game”

Shoemaker seeks emergency medical help from Abbey; Fairbell takes on a role assisting Cattie, Smoot’s new principal; Loren is left alone in the dust.

Those Who Can’t follows three trouble-making teachers, played by show creators Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Orvedahl and Ben Roy of the Denver-based comedy troupe The Grawlix. More inept than the kids they teach, they’re out to beat the system as they struggle to survive each day on their own terms. Joining them is Maria Thayer (Eagleheart) as the school librarian with an insuppressible passion for life.

(2 downloads) Aired October 15, 2016
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