Subtitles for Goodnight Sweetheart S06E00 – Many Happy Returns

Season 06, Episode 00 – “Many Happy Returns”

It is 1962, 17 years after Gary Sparrow got stuck in 1945 London, and Gary realises that he has the chance to see himself being born. But an encounter with himself catapults him back to the future – to 2016

Gary Sparrow is an underachieving TV repairman, unhappily married to the loud and often mocking Yvonne Sparrow. However, Gary’s life is changed forever upon discovering a time portal taking him back to a war-torn London, leading to an East End pub (the Royal Oak) and an attractive barmaid named Phoebe, who becomes his girlfriend. From then on, Gary leads a double life, going back and forth across time to please the two women in his life closest to his heart, but furthest apart.

(6 downloads) Aired September 3, 2016
(1 downloads) Aired September 3, 2016


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