Subtitles for John Jansen (2016)

The ex- bank robber from Breda John Jansen has an impressive CV as a criminal. Jansen was seen as the leader of the infamous Juliet gang that was well known for the production of drugs, mainly Ecstasy, the trade in marijuana, kidnapping and extortion of other criminals. In addition John Jansen also robbed banks and was convicted for some of these robberies. After being released he then started a foundation for homeless children and short after that he won 2,5 million euros in the lottery. From that money he donated a substantial amount to the feed bank. The reason he did this was that he worries about poverty in The Netherlands. In his opinion rules are made: “by the rich and for the rich”. He is very open about his past: ” I traded in marijuana, I robbed banks but I have my limits, I would never murder someone.” He also doesn’t regret his deeds: ” I would do everything exactly the same way again.”

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