Subtitles for Nacida para ganar (2016)

Born to Win

Encarna is a thirtysomething girl of Móstoles (Madrid) trapped in a life without changes, at the side of her lifelong boyfriend and with a job absent of incentives. Stigmatized by the famous Spanish sketch of the “Empanadillas de Móstoles” performed by humorist duet Martes and Trece, broadcast at the 1985’s New Years Eve, Encarna looking for a way to escape to a life consumed in the boring and routine. One day, Encarna meets María Dolores, former classmate of the school, who introduces her in the world of pyramid selling, sponsored in the company by the own boss, a woman who claims to be real actress Victoria Abril. Believing that it’s the opportunity that she was waiting for, Encarna determines to work as saleswoman with María Dolores, discovering a world of money and luxury where she finally finds the chance to be who really she wanted, until that a series of events lead her to question her new lifestyle and how legal it’s…

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