Subtitles for Tutankhamun S01E03

Season 01, Episode 03

As the stairway is cleared, a doorway is revealed. Carter is vindicated: it is Tutankhamun’s tomb. The question is: is there anything left inside? Carter and Evelyn continue their secret romance. Evelyn sees no barrier to their love, but Carter’s more realistic. She’s an heiress. He’s lowly archaeologist. But they cannot let anyone get wind of their affair. Especially as heightened political tensions mean Carnarvon is keeping a watchful eye over his daughter.

The remarkable story of the chance meeting that transformed penniless, ostracised archaeologist Howard Carter into a household name following his discovery of the tomb of the boy-king, Tutankhamun.

(26 downloads) Aired October 31, 2016
(13 downloads) Aired October 31, 2016


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