Subtitles for Wentworth S04E04 – Screw Lover

Season 04, Episode 04 – “Screw Lover”
Ferguson, having found protection in Kaz s crew, cunningly blames Will for her brutal ganging, a move which only strengthens Kaz’s support for her. When Bea defends Will, it backfires dramatically. She is painted as a screw-lover , and rapidly begins to lose the support of the women. The first ever conjugal visit takes place at the prison, and Boomer shamelessly attempts to impregnate herself to her deadbeat ex-boyfriend, Daz. Meanwhile, Maxine is diagnosed with breast cancer and can t bring herself to tell the other women.

(35 downloads) Aired June 7, 2016
(31 downloads) Aired June 7, 2016

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