Subtitles for Westworld S01E01 – Pilot

Season 01, Episode 01 – “The Original”

In the premiere of this sci-fi drama set in an Old West theme park where guests interact with automaton “hosts,” the park’s head of programming is alarmed by subtle changes in some of their main attractions, and a rancher’s daughter is reunited with a gunslinger even though her father might not approve. Based on the 1973 feature film directorial debut by Michael Crichton.

Two people go to a theme-park which offers a different kind of fun. You can experience the good old west, Roman Empire times and the medieval period in history. It is only when the centralized computer fails operating that the two people realize they are about to engage in an experience whereby a gun-slinging robot will make the visit to this park unforgettable.

The story revolves around a futuristic theme park staffed by robots that can help guests live out their fantasies. The park breaks down, however, and two guests taking a Wild West adventure find themselves stalked by a gun-slinging android.

(55 downloads) Aired October 3, 2016
(23 downloads) Aired October 3, 2016


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